TherapySure Combined Professional Indemnity (PI) & Public Liability (PL)
Insurance for Complementary Medical Practitioners
Covering 250 Therapies
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We have sourced competitive PI insurance rates for 250+ Complementary Therapies
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$1,2,5 & 10 mil PI policies all include $10 million public & products liability cover as standard
State/Territory$1million PI Read Cover Description or Download Full Policy Wording$2million PI Read Cover Description or Download Full Policy Wording$5million PI Read Cover Description or Download Full Policy Wording$10million PI Read Cover Description or Download Full Policy Wording
ACT$ 158.84$ 181.72$ 221.76$ 267.52
NSW$ 162.25$ 185.35$ 225.78$ 271.98
NT$ 166.10$ 190.30$ 232.65$ 281.05
QLD$ 164.89$ 188.87$ 230.84$ 278.80
SA$ 167.31$ 191.73$ 234.47$ 283.31
TAS$ 160.60$ 184.80$ 227.15$ 275.55
VIC$ 166.10$ 190.30$ 232.65$ 281.05
WA$ 166.10$ 190.30$ 232.65$ 281.05
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Special Deal: You can add up to 4 additional therapies to this main cover at no additional charge (you can select them just prior to checkout).
If your therapy or organisation is not on our current list please click here to ask us if we can provide cover
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